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Wireless Site Survey

Wireless site surveys help administrators determine where to place Wi-Fi access points in a building. Terminal offers services such as Wireless Site Surveys that are generally unavailable in the Greater Boston area.

The Problem

Locating access points based on blueprints only, and failing to test with live devices in a walkthrough, can lead to multiple problems:

  • Dead Spots: failure to provide coverage in all locations
  • Interference: overlapping coverage from multiple access points
  • Insufficient Capacity: lack of sufficient bandwitch for all users

Administrators may assume dead spots resulting from lack of planning could be fixed by adding access points, but that could lead to interference where the range of multiple devices overlap.

The Process

Terminal's staff uses industry leading software when conducting wireless site surveys at your location. This includes Capacity Planning, which ensures you have enough bandwidth for all your wireless users at high traffic locations like cafeterias and lobbies.

Our staff will schedule an appointment to walk around your site and measure signal strength, interference, and packet loss.


At the conclusion of the survey, a plan will be provided. This report may include:

  • A heat map showing areas of coverage
  • An optimized network design plan

Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you improve the reliability and success of your next design project.