Windows Desktop Upgrades

Windows Desktop Upgrades

Microsoft Windows 10 is easy to set up and use, and includes enterprise-quality security for small and midsize businesses. Learn more about Windows 10.

Before upgrading desktops, Terminal will check the compatibility of hardware, applications, and attached devices. Migration is simple. Existing PCs can be updated in place. All data, settings, apps, and drivers are preserved.

Migration Process

Terminal's migration process of your systems will begin with a pre-update checklist:

  • Reviewing that devices are supported by Windows 10, using Upgrade Assistant
  • Confirming supported application software and device drivers exist for all printers and peripherals
  • Verifying system backups before migration

The actual migration to Windows 10 is performed using Microsoft's deployment toolkit, which preserves the user's data, settings, applications, and drivers. Both automatic and manual rollbacks are possible if problems occur. Terminal schedules upgrades to minimize downtime for your organization.

Customers subscibing to MSPLUS+, Terminal's managed services plan, will have their Windows 10 devices included in 24/7 monitoring to ensure the latest patches, security updates, and anti-virus definitions are always running.