Warranty Repair Process

Warranty Repair Process

Brands Serviced

Commonly serviced products include Brother printers, HP Laserjet printers, Samsung Printers, Lenovo Thinkpads, HP Proliant and Blade Servers, and HP Prodesk computers.

Verifying Status

With the product name and serial number, Terminal can determine the warranty status of any hardware. Also, Terminal keeps records of hardware purchased for clients, and can identify which devices are still under warranty.

Consumer grade hardware is generally replaced instead of repaired, due to the low cost of replacement.

Turnaround Time

Terminal attempts to complete repairs within 3 business days, subject to technician scheduling and the availability of replacement parts needed to complete the work.


Repairs may be done either at your site or at our Brookline offices. Call us to determine the best option for you.

Common computer problems requiring repair work include:

  • Computer won't start due to motherboard failure
  • No image on LCD screen from failure of motherboard, video card, or screenable
  • Random application errors and computer restarts because of failed memory or CPU
  • Keyboard or other input devices failing to work properly


Many expensive business class printers have maintenance kits used to replace worn out consumable parts. Having these on hand and proactively maintaining your printer will save time consuming and possibly expensive repairs.

When problems with printers do occur, they can often be fixed with simple steps like rebooting the print sever or checking that cables, paper trays, and ink or toner are firmly attached to the printer.

If a printer repair must be completed, Terminal's trained staff will investigate the issue, perform a warranty fix, or provide a recommendation for equipment that is out of warranty.