State & Local

State & Local Government Services

Massachusetts ITC

Terminal Exchange Systems is an authorized ITC47 reseller for Massachusetts.

  • Category 3: Off-Lease Desktops and Laptops
  • Category 6: Project Management, Maintenance, Integration, and Incidental Hardware
  • Category 7: Computer Supplies and Accessories

Massachusetts Privacy Laws

The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office actively enforces the state’s privacy laws, 201 CRM 17. According to the law, any business, organization, or person that owns or licenses the personal information of a Massachusetts resident is subject to the law.

Terminal can help organizations achieve compliance.

Government Agencies Served

  • Police departments
  • Housing Authorities
  • Public Libraries

In recent years, several Massachusetts police departments and government organizations fell victim to ransomware. Terminal can perform a security audit and take steps to protect your network from cryptolocker and other malware.

HAB Housing Software

Terminal has experience installing, upgrading, and supporting the HAB housing management software solution used by housing agencies throughout Massachusetts. Contact us to learn more.