Remote Support

Remote Support

Remote Support over the Internet

Providing support remotely saves time and money, by eliminating the hours and associate expenses required for travel to a customer’s site.

Terminal’s technicians work on problems during business hours after alerts are received. A virtual private network connection (VPN) is used to connect directly to customer systems from our offices.

Many issues can be resolved this way, efficiently, helping us keep our customers’ monthly managed services fee at a low flat rate.

Remote Support over Cellular Network

Internet based remote support is a standard feature in managed services plans from IT support companies, but that requires a working Internet connection. When the Internet is down, technicians cannot log into the customer’s network.

Terminal developed an innovative monitoring device for our customers that works over a cellular network. It runs on batteries and can access a cellular connection, just like cellphones. Using this technology, our technicians can continue to work on problems remotely, when others might have to make an expensive trip to the customer’s site.

Support Services

  • Reboot servers
  • Restart services
  • Power cycle modems
  • Clean up temp files to fix low disk space alert
  • Apply patches available for installation
  • Scan system for malware
  • Clean infected systems
  • Configure new desktops