24/7 Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

Terminal uses remote monitoring to continuously analyze networks, proactively fixing issues that occur like storage with low free disk space and laptops with disabled security.

Terminal’s engineers resolve these warnings before they escalate into more serious issues. Service call frequency and downtime are drastically reduced, because problems are eliminated early, often before customers realized anything was wrong.

Cellular Monitoring

Cellular monitoring and remote support is a feature exclusive to Terminal. Other managed services do not receive detailed alerts when Internet connection is lost, because the alerts are sent over the Internet.

To implement cellular monitoring, Terminal installs a battery powered device that will operate even when the Internet connection or site power goes down. Our engineers receive alerts and perform remote support over the cellular connection, offering detailed information and faster resolution times.

Getting Started

Terminal’s network monitoring solution begins with a discovery phase, where servers and other network equipment are identified and added to the system.

When running, installed software sends alerts to our network operations center when problems are found.


Once monitoring is active, our network operations center will receive automated alerts for many types of issues:

  • Entire site or network unavailable
  • Unable to communicate with a device
  • Failure to create backup
  • Low disk space alert
  • Patches available for installation

Typical solutions involve asking the ISP about Internet service outages, rebooting servers, cleaning up disk space, and installing critical software patches.

Less common solutions include on-site visitors to troubleshoot failed hardware. Because Terminal is an authorized warranty center for HP servers and other computers, we can provide faster warranty service than other IT support companies.

Supported Devices

  • Servers
  • Desktops
  • Network devices
  • Storage arrays
  • Business software
  • Cloud resources