Project Planning

Web Design Project Planning

Terminal follows best practices for producing modern, effective web sites. Initial comprehensive analysis and planning ensures all work will maximize the project's return on investment.

Instead of trying to sell a stock template or solution tied to a specific CMS, Terminal will work to identify a technology solution that is a best fit for the project goals.

Project Planning Process

  1. Project goals are identified in stakeholder meetings using employee and customer interview data.

  2. Audience demographic details and use cases are compiled from sources including website analytics and the organization's marketing data.

  3. Personas are written to describe representative individuals in the target audience.

  4. Scenarios are written to describr the ideal user experiences in the form of a story.

Usability Testing

If the project involves redesigning an existing website, a usability test may be performed to analytically identify existing problems.

A typical usability test will measure how long a user takes to complete a task, and whether or not they succeed. A report like the following will illustrate how successful a site is at accomplishing its goals.

Proposal Writing

The planning stage is completed with proposals tailored to fit a range of budgets and outcomes. A schedule of work and a written estimate can be delivered at this time.