Blog: Security

27 Apr 2016

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA requires health care entities protect the privacy and security of individually identifiable health information. In addition, a 2003 update also requires compliance from business associates. T ... Read More

26 Apr 2016

New Ransomware Threats in 2016

In 2016, ransomware threats have evolved with a series of new strains and aggressive campaigns that have hit high profile organizations in Massachusetts.

Ransomware is an especially cripp ... Read More

23 May 2013

How to Avoid Computer Viruses

One of the common malicious intrusions companies deal with is computer viruses. They can bring down networks, make applications vulnerable to malicious penetration, and result in the loss of crucia ... Read More

29 Mar 2013

Cloud Computing Security Threats

The cloud has been hyped in the enterprise world, and now the trend has bubbled down to small businesses and individuals. Owning cloud storage space is no longer only for the elite. There are many ... Read More

29 Feb 2012

Your Small Business and Data Security

When looking at data security, many people think they have plenty of systems and precautions in position to keep their information safe. Sure, you may have antivirus software and you may even updat ... Read More

20 Jan 2012

Is the Cloud Secure? Part 2

The cloud has been a great thing for small business owners fighting through tough economic times. Instead of purchasing pricey enterprise software, business owners can save their dollars by accessi ... Read More

18 Jan 2012

How Secure is Cloud Security? Part 1

There are numerous benefits to cloud computing. Backing up important data makes it easily accessible to everyone in your company and frees up space on your servers. You most likely have many concer ... Read More

6 Jan 2012

SOPA and You

Kris Hewes - Hardware Technician

I have been following the outcry regarding the SOPA bill ( H.R. 3261) this week as it is big news over the net. The Stop O ... Read More

10 Dec 2010

Computer Viruses Can Modify Your Registry

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

This week has been about Malware for me.  I have spent some time with a customer’s computer that needed a good cleaning.

I started off by taking a look at the programs that wer ... Read More