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29 Feb 2012

The Mouse - Good Night and Good Luck

Mouse-free computing is something we have just begun to taste. We have touchscreens on many devices including tablets, phones, and e-readers. These let us access the web; send texts, and emails all ... Read More

15 Feb 2012

Not All Tech is Successful

In recent years iPads, smartphones, and Kindles have been some of the most desired gadgets on the market. But not all tech is created equal. Companies can’t predict what's going to become ... Read More

11 Jan 2012

Happy Birthday to Segway

It wasn’t that long ago that inventor Dean Kamen believed his two-wheeled personal transportation device, the Segway, would transform transportation. Sadly, the Segway has grown to be synonym ... Read More

22 Dec 2011

How Touchscreen Technology Works

Touchscreens are becoming an integral part of our everyday life. When we interact with a product that has a touchscreen, we expect it to execute the action we want without a second thought. It wasn ... Read More

14 Dec 2011

The Tokyo Motor Show Goes Green

The 2011 Tokyo Motor Show brought us some interesting and imaginative eco-friendly concept cars. With efficiency in mind, these companies pushed their creativity to the limit. Here are some of the ... Read More

26 Oct 2011

Winners at the T3 Gadget Awards

As new technology pops up around us daily, it’s human nature to want to know which is the most innovative and revolutionary in the gadget world.  Well, the T3 Gadget Awards quench that t ... Read More

21 Oct 2011

Green Tech Announcements at CEATEC

Many people are concerned with “being green” these days. Whether it’s to avoid the impact technology has on the environment or to save money, many companies are following suit and ... Read More

12 Aug 2011

An Interactive YouTube

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

You may have noticed that YouTube has gone interactive.  This is an awesome new future and allows posters to customize viewers' options so they can target their direct needs. For exam ... Read More