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15 Aug 2013

Difference Between Onsite and Offsite Tech Support

When you have issues with your systems or network, your IT services provider can offer on-site or off-site tech support. What is the difference between these two types of support?

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20 May 2013

The Different Types of Cloud Computing

An IT services study carried out in 2012 by KPMG showed that more businesses are evaluating, moving towards, or using cloud computing. No matter which business you are in, cloud computing is becomi ... Read More

6 May 2013

What is a Private Cloud?

Companies are shifting their activities to the cloud in a bid to improve efficiency and lower their cost of doing business. Both large corporations and SMBs are looking for custom cloud service sol ... Read More

29 Apr 2013

Backup Options for Your Data

Having a good backup system is a business requirement. The losses incurred from a data breach or loss far outweigh the cost of online and offline backups. While computer backup options vary in conv ... Read More

15 Apr 2013

IT Experts Discuss Virtualization

When you hear the word virtualization, what comes to your mind? You may think that is an operating system installed in your computer to boost performance.

Virtualization is actually hardw ... Read More

13 Jul 2012

Data Recovery - DIY vs The Pros

Even though your small-medium business (SMB) follows a regular schedule for data backup, the possibility of losing some (or all) of your data lurks just around the corner.

Regardless of w ... Read More

20 Jun 2012

Windows 8 Features for the Corporate World

Sankaran Ganapathi

Since the preview of Windows 8 was made available to users, the industry had been buzzing with news and rumors about the upcoming operating system edition. Microsoft has stated clearly and oft ... Read More

4 May 2012

Locked Out of Windows

Dennis Foote – Systems Engineer

Just recently, I had a client locked out of Microsoft Windows and they knew they had the right password and username. The user stated that they could log into Windows just a short time before and t ... Read More

24 Apr 2012

What is GovCloud?

Sankaran Ganapathi

Terminal technicians take questions about GovCloud and its impact on cloud computing.

What is GovCloud?

GovCloud is an initiative by the US Government ... Read More

13 Mar 2012


“Bring Your Own Device” Creates New Challenges for IT Service Professionals

It was not long ago that work and play were activities for two very different times and places. Work occurred in corner offices and cubicles, generally between the hours of 9:00 and 5:00. Everythin ... Read More

20 Jan 2012

False Positive

Kris Hewes - Hardware Technician

This week I had to deal with a laptop that was shutting down with a thermal issue, or so it said.

I booted up some temperature software and let it run.  Well, after an hour, I saw th ... Read More

11 Jan 2012

Using Netstat Command

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

Netstat can be used to find out various things about what’s going on with your connections to the internet or your network behind the scenes of your OS. I have used Netstat to find things lik ... Read More

2 Dec 2011

The Age of Information

Kris Hewes - Hardware Technician

There is no such thing as too much information!

We have customers who come in fully prepared for the task ahead. If it is a laptop, they know what version of the operating system the ... Read More

8 Nov 2011

Setting up Remote Desktop on a Router

Dennis Foote- System Engineer

The first thing needed to set up Remote Desktop is to find your default gateway to access the routers GUI or interface. To do this, you will need to find the Run tool that is part of Microsoft Wind ... Read More

28 Oct 2011

Don't Throw Disks Away!

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

This week, I want to talk about recovery disks. New computers usually come with recovery disks.  These are the disks that have a preloaded version of Windows on them.  (It is th ... Read More

21 Oct 2011

Windows Infinite Loop Bug

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

This week, I came across a Windows problem that I have never seen before: the infinite loop bug. It started when a customer brought in a laptop stating that it would not boot up. I tried ... Read More

2 Sep 2011

Power Outages and Surge Damage

Kristen Hewes - Hardware technician

We had a big storm this week causing power outages all over Massachusetts.  Some people still do not have power.  With power outages like this, we normally see blown power supplies and sy ... Read More

31 Aug 2011

Help Your Business with the Cloud

James Kim,

Many small businesses are already going virtual. Physical set-ups of businesses are getting rare especially for those smaller companies. Home offices are getting popular as people can now work from ... Read More

26 Aug 2011

5nine Manager for Hyper-V

Dennis Foote-Systems Engineer

A great tool I found for managing Hyper-v servers is called Hyper-v manager from 5nine. They have both a free tool version and a paid version. I will tell you the differences, but first let me tell ... Read More

11 Aug 2011

Active Directory Password Policies

Brian St. Marie - Sr. Systems Engineer

Oftentimes, users have a hard time adapting to new password policies on their network.  Perhaps they are running an older version of Windows server or don't have a domain at all and use bl ... Read More

8 Aug 2011

Microsoft Exchange on the iPhone

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

This week, my blog is about setting up Microsoft Exchange on an iPhone:

1. In Settings, go to Mail, Contacts

2. Click Add Account

3. Click Microsoft Exc ... Read More

8 Aug 2011

Explorer.exe Fix

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

Fixing an explorer.exe error can be time consuming but worth it if you want to save your settings and data. Alternatively, you can restore your PC to factory image and lose your data and settings. ... Read More

29 Jul 2011

Working with a Legacy Windows 98 System

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

This week, I had two systems that run Windows 98 and are linked together as a POS for a store. They are ten years old and are starting to show signs of their age. They have neve ... Read More

27 Jul 2011

What is iLo?

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

iLo stands for integrated lights out. It is an intelligent remote management processor that is integrated into many HP ProLiant servers. It provides a virtual presence and you ... Read More

21 Jul 2011

HP Proliant Support Pack

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

When trying to update drivers on a HP Proliant server, you may want to consider using the support pack for your server and Windows edition. This will include the most up to date firmware and d ... Read More

14 Jul 2011

Server Redundancy Can Only Go So Far

Brian St. Marie - Sr. Systems Engineer

As a rule, we only recommend servers with redundancy built in.  Typically, this means multiple hard drives, but can also include CPUS, fans, power supplies, network cards, and other components ... Read More

8 Jul 2011

Troubleshooting Computer Crashes

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

Below are a few quick tips on why computers crash, as I seem to be getting a lot of phone calls about it this week!

1. Malicious Software

Malicious softwar ... Read More

15 Jun 2011

Converting Physical PCs to Virtual Machines

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

Converting physical PCs into VM machines is starting to become part of normal life for technicians. There are a couple tools out there that I have come across to help you along if you are a no ... Read More

8 Jun 2011

Corrupt Compressed IIS Files

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

This week, I worked on MS Server 2003 (IIS) 6.0 static files that were compressed.  They became corrupted which gave me issues with my files on my VM Web server.  While this was ... Read More

19 May 2011

Internet Security 2011 Malware

Brian St. Marie - Sr. Systems Engineer

Although I don't normally focus on malware removal, this particular malware has been coming around a lot lately.  Several customers have asked me about it, as it's quite convincing.

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11 May 2011

PDQ Deploy

Adam Jones - Systems Engineer

I was recently recommended a brilliant free utility from Admin Arsenal called PDQ Deploy. This is a free software deployment tool that will allow you to deploy just about any type of installer pack ... Read More

21 Apr 2011

Emulating Local Printing on a Network

Brian St. Marie - Sr. Systems Engineer

Most network administrators and technicians are familiar with mapping a printer from a server.  This is the most typical and efficient way of sharing printers on a network.  However, many ... Read More

20 Apr 2011

The "Windows Restore" Virus

Dennis Foote – System Engineer

This week, I ran into a very intense virus called Windows Restore. It tries to make you think that there is a problem with everything from hardware to software applications on your PC. The reason i ... Read More

29 Mar 2011

Handy Hyper-V Tools

Adam Jones - Systems Engineer

This week we have been building a new Microsoft Hyper-V server for a client. For this installation, I decided to use a couple of tools that really helped to speed up the process.

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18 Mar 2011

Testing Fax Machines

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

This week, I have had a couple of fax machines brought in that were not sending or receiving faxes.  Well, we only have one fax line like most places, so testing them can be a bit frustra ... Read More

14 Mar 2011

What is The Cloud?

Brian St. Marie - Sr. Systems Engineer

Like many people, you've probably seen products and services talking about "the Cloud" for a year or more.  But what is the Cloud?  Most people understand that when they buy ... Read More

8 Mar 2011

A Virus That Rebuilds Itself

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

A client this week had a virus that kept rebuilding itself. I found through trial and error in my past that the bad ones should be dealt with by removing the hard drive from the notebook. I removed ... Read More

8 Mar 2011

Touch screens

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

This week, most of my time has been used in building touch screen systems for a client. These are not computers as such, but touch screen units that go inside a bigger machine.

Having nev ... Read More

2 Mar 2011

Windows Server Update Services

Adam Jones - Systems Engineer

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is an essential tool for maintaining Windows updates in networks of all sizes. WSUS allows administrators full control over which critical and noncritical upda ... Read More

15 Feb 2011

Wireless Range Issue

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

A client this week was running into wireless range and speed issues. So after looking into the wireless cards on the notebooks and the office routers that were being used, I found they were all com ... Read More

14 Feb 2011

What is Managed Services?

Brian St. Marie - Sr. Systems Engineer

For many years, IT service was much like other service industries.  Your computer would break, you'd call a service company and they would dispatch someone to fix your issue.  However ... Read More

11 Feb 2011

Image Many Office Computers at Once

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

A lot of my time this week has been put to use on imaging machines, ninety or so of them. I have never really done much of this but found it not too hard at all!

I have been imaging ... Read More

2 Feb 2011

Remote Desktop Connections

Adam Jones - Systems Engineer

With the recent snowstorms in the Northeast, I have been supporting quite a few companies that have employees working remotely. Many of these organizations have never explored the possibility of re ... Read More

27 Jan 2011

Helpful Free IT Troubleshooting Tools

Adam Jones - Systems Engineer

Over the past few years, there have been a couple of reliable, handy and FREE tools that I wouldn’t leave the office without. I thought I would share a few of them.

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24 Jan 2011

Is a Server Right for Your Network?

Brian St. Marie - Sr. Systems Engineer

Recently, Terminal conducted a company-wide audit of a new client who has multiple offices around New England.  Surprisingly, this client does not have a central server, despite their size and ... Read More

19 Jan 2011

Rootkit Detection

Adam Jones - Systems Engineer

I was recently working on a server with a nasty virus infection that we determined to be a rootkit. A rootkit, in short, is software that is intended to cloak or hide another malicious software pac ... Read More

14 Jan 2011


Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

Today's blog is about passwords.

Passwords are an important part of computer work, your password, the client's password, and the security of both.  As we all know, protecting ... Read More

6 Jan 2011

Deploying Applications Using Group Policy

Adam Jones - Systems Engineer

Automation is on the mind of every IT admin. It makes our jobs easier and our end users happy. One extremely useful form of automation on a network is the ability to deploy software packages using ... Read More

23 Dec 2010

Boston IT Services Experts Explain Virtualization

Dennis Foote – Systems Engineer - Boston IT Services

I have been using VMware and Hyper-V for some time and there is no better time to blog about it then when a fresh project comes out of the oven.

So, what is virtualization?  Virtuali ... Read More

21 Dec 2010

Restricted Group GPOs

Adam Jones - Systems Engineer - Boston IT Consulting

Restricted Group GPOs give network administrators the power to centrally control and enforce local group membership on computers in your domain environment. Let’s say you need to assign a spe ... Read More

7 Dec 2010

Three Ways to Access a Remote PC

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

So being home sick for a couple days this week I thought to myself what can I blog about. The thing that came to mind first was I wanted to do some work from home without being in the office and ge ... Read More