Wireless Site Surveys - New Service from Terminal

Are you building a WiFi network at your site?

At Terminal, our engineers are constantly evaluating new technologies to provide the best proactive solutions for our customer's needs. For those installing a new WiFi network, that includes a wireless site survey to determine where access points should be located.

A well designed wireless solution will avoid dead spots and interference problems. Terminal's survey will identify an optimal design to avoid those issues.

What happens when the site survey is skipped?

The wrong way to plan a WiFi network is to position access points based on a simple calculation using the device's specified range. In practice, the people in your office and the walls, carpeting, microwaves, and other machinery will affect the actual range of the access points. Failure to take those into consideration can result in dead spots, where the network cannot be accessed wirelessly.

Adding extra access points after the implementation is expensive, and may not even solve the problem! Increasing the number of access points also increases the risk of interference from having overlap, where a large numer of transmiters are close together.

What's involved in a site survey?

There are different types of site surveys, depending on whether there is an existing wireless network or a new deployment. Both involve walking around the site with a device to gather data about signal strength interference, and packet loss.

A heat map may be completed which shows areas of coverage.

The deliverable is a plan showing an optimized network design.

Capacity Planning

Terminal's engineers can also do capacity planning, which is not a service available from all consultants and sie mapping tools. Just because an area has WiFi coverage does not mean it will have sufficient bandwidth for all the users in an area. Consider a cafeteria, lobby, auditorium, or other areas where a large number of people may congrregate.

Capacity planning ensures that enough bandwidth will be available for everyone at a specific location at the same time.

Please contact Terminal with any questions you may have about wireless site surveys.