Should You Use Cloud Services for Your Backups?

Computer data can be lost at any time. Your IT systems can crash or be attacked by viruses, or malicious users can delete information, and in a flash, data is lost. Concerns about data security make it crucial for businesses to have a backup plan.

There are different back up options in the market. One that has increasingly been receiving attention over the past years is backing up to a cloud service.

Cloud services backup (online backup) simply refers to storing your files at different locations over the Internet. Since the files are stored over the Internet, they can be accessed from anywhere in the world. That provides an advantage over local backups, which are subject to the risks of a site-wide disaster affecting all systems, including your local backups.

The best solution, however, is a hybrid - combining the advantages of both cloud backups and local backups:

Advantages of cloud backup

  • Not required to purchase additional servers, storage, and network hardware
  • Not required to hire technicians and engineers for repair and maintenance
  • Allocate and pay for only the disk space resources needed
  • Enhance data security through encryption
  • Service providers ensure maximum security at the data centers
  • Receive reliable, secure, and automatic service from reputable providers

Advantages of local backup

  • Not required to have high bandwidth to transfer large backup files
  • Loss of Internet connectivity won't prevent restore of backup files
  • Restore faster when backups are retrieved locally
  • Incremental backups take less time because seeding is faster
  • Backup files are not accessible by third parties
  • Identifying how data is stored and organized is easier

Hybrid Solutions: Local + Cloud Backups

Concerned about the disadvantages of cloud backups, including the time required to download backup files? Or the disadvantages of locap backups, which may be lost during a sitewide emergency? Consider a hybrid solution, which provide the best features of both solutions.

  • Quickly recover data from local network after data loss
  • Restore from redundant off-site backs in the case of a site-wide disaster.

Terminal offers a hybrid solution powered by Datto. The networking experts at Terminal, a Datto elite partner, can help you evaluate your backup options. Contact us for more information.