Difference Between Onsite and Offsite Tech Support

When you have issues with your systems or network, your IT services provider can offer on-site or off-site tech support. What is the difference between these two types of support?

Off-Site Support

Most managed IT services providers offer off-site support. This type of support offers convenience for both the customer and service provider, and is also referred to as remote or online support. It usually includes video, live chats, email or telephone support.

With off-site support, the vendor may remotely connect to a computer or network to help with problems. Remote connection software such as Go To Assist, Log Me In, VNC, or Team Viewer is required and must be installed locally.

Some of the benefits of off-site support include:

i) Instant support

You can get support from your provider no matter where you are around the world. Most providers offer live chat and email support for free. For telephone support, you may have to upgrade to a premium package for the company to call you. You are however free to call the company if you wish.

ii) Privacy

Off-site support is more private since no technician will come to your premises.

iii) Timely support

IT services providers usually have dozens of support team members. This ensures that your problem will be solved in a timely manner. If one member cannot solve your problem, the issue will be passed to another qualified member or department.

iv) Convenience

Off-site support is faster as technicians do not need to travel to your premises. They can simply offer guidance or connect to your computer or network remotely to fix your problems.

The major downside of off-site support is hardware failure. Unlike software problems, hardware problems cannot be fixed remotely. The support team will try everything possible to get your hardware working. However, if devices have to be removed and replaced, you will have to do it yourself.

On-site Support

On-site support refers to technical assistance that is offered at your premises. This support is usually needed when off-site support cannot be given, or the user is a complete novice. Compared to off-site support, on-site support takes longer and is usually more expensive. On the other hand, technicians traveling to your site can do hardware repair or replacement.

Unlike many managed services businesses, Terminal provides both off-site and on-site support in the Greater Boston area. Contact us for details.