Advantages of Using Managed IT Services

Startups and SMBs may not have the capital to hire an in-house IT team. If you are not offering IT services, why should you have any technicians on your staff? Tech problems do happen from time to time, and eventually systems of components need to be upgraded or replaced. When there is a problem, then what do you do? Simply call a managed IT services provider.

Managed IT service providers offer a variety of computer and network related services remotely or on your premises. The service providers only come when needed, ensuring your IT labor budget is spent optimally. Here are some benefits of managed IT services:

1. Save on costs

The most obvious benefit is saving the costs of hiring an in-house IT team that won't be needed every day. Let’s face it – you don’t have IT problems every day, so an in-house IT team is an inefficient use of your budget. Save costs by hiring a managed IT services company to work only when needed. Most companies offer 24/7 support so you can be sure of a timely response.

2. Scalability

You can scale your managed IT services based on your needs. When starting up, you may not need an IT team round the clock to watch your systems. As your needs increase, the managed service provider can increase the number of IT experts to handle your increased workload.

3. Customized plans

Managed IT services providers offer different payment options. For example, you can hire a team on a contractual basis, on a per-project basis, or based on the number of people you need at your premises. This ensures that you do not get any surprises for costs you did not anticipate.

4. Increased efficiency

Instead of spending hours managing your IT network, concentrate on the core issues of running your business, like customer care or sales. Managed IT services providers improve your efficiency by freeing you from the responsibility of network and system management.

Those are a few benefits of working with a managed IT services provider. Always sign a legal contract if you keep a managed services company on retainer. Terminal offers a flat rate managed services contract, where you pay a fixed monthly price with no suprises. Contact us for more information.