Backup Options for Your Data

Having a good backup system is a business requirement. The losses incurred from a data breach or loss far outweigh the cost of online and offline backups. While computer backup options vary in convenience, speed, security and price, no attribute is more important than the ability to safely store vital data.

Let’s look at common services for backup.

Directly-attached Storage Drives

This are the most common storage device in many offices. The drives are typically connected to the PC through a USB port or an eSATA connection. To back up PC data, an external drive with maximum storage ranging from 500GB to 5TB is usually sufficient. Data can be recovered quickly, but attached storage devices can be rendered useless by malware like Cryptolocker.

Network-attached Storage Drives

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive is a better option for small businesses. The drive enables users to access the data saved over the local network. After the initial set up, the NAS drive should be secured with passwords and encryption.

For the best performance, choose a drive that can be accessed via a web interface, that has software for backing up local drives, and that includes a Gigabit Ethernet connection.

Portable Storage

These hard disks are great for businesses that need to move large files around the office, or for mobile workers. However, they can lead to large losses if they crash, get lost, or are stolen. It is therefore important to secure the drives with encryption software before leaving the office.

Some portable drives powered through USB ports include Western Digital's Passport, Toshiba’s Portable External Drive, and Maxtor’s One Touch III Mini.

Online Backup

To back up critical files and easily access them from anywhere in the world, consider online storage.

For a small amount of data, try free computer services such as Microsoft’ Skydrive, Google Drive or Dropbox, which offer free storage reaching up to 150GB. Upgrade your plan later to suit your needs.

Data security is of utmost importance for any business and computer backups are a must. Assess your needs carefully to determine which computer backup option will work for your business.