What's Included in Managed Service Offerings?

Have you experienced any IT disasters? How did you deal with them? To prevent and mitigate such occurrences, you need managed IT services.

In a nutshell, managed IT services will ensure your software and hardware are working and are protected from disasters. 

What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are offered by third party service providers, who ensure your network infrastructure and IT services perform optimally. The services enable detection of potential problems in their early stages, before they become disasters. In other words, a managed IT service provider is like an in-house IT staff. They use various tools to ensure consistent network uptime and save your business from losses resulting from downtime.

Managed IT services are crucial to to business operations. Imagine having to operate without business data. Without a solid data recovery plan, data is rarely recovered easily after a computer crash. Do you even have a data backup? Losing important client data could be devistating to your business.

To determine if you need managed IT services, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are all the network devices and computers secured and updated?
  • Is the network properly secured by a firewall?
  • Are systems monitored to ensure everything runs smoothly?

If you are unable to answer those questions, then you need managed IT services. The service will take care of the above and any other IT problems that you have in your computer or network.

Managed IT services are priced differently. Below are typical managed IT service plans:

  • Minimal plans which feature monitoring only. This includes software installed in PCs and servers that issue alerts when problems occur.
  • Plans that feature monitoring tools, security backups, software management, desktop optimization, backup solutions, and security patches like Microsoft operating system and anti-virus definition updates.
  • Plans that include all the above, and labor from the provider's own IT staff..

Terminal offers a comprehensive, flat-rate managed services plan. Contact us for more information.