When to Repair a Computer, When to Buy a New One

Here's when it makes sense to do a computer repair instead of buying a new one!

At the time you’re busy working on something urgent, or expecting a pile of work to be done, and suddenly your computer breaks down, you’re left hanging in the air. If this happens, you need to make a practical and cost effective decision.

When you should consider a computer repair

  • The average lifespan of a PC is about 3-5 years depending on quality and usage. If the PC is still new, it's impractical to buy a new one.
  • The PC may still be under warranty and can be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer at no cost.
  • If the system is slow, or downloading takes longer than it should, memory or disk capcity could be low. Upgrading components could solve the problem.
  • Business grade equipment may be very expensive, so repairs could be less than the cost of purchasing a new unit.
  • Buying a computer is more work. All your data and applications must be transferred into the new PC.

When you should consider a new computer

Buying a new PC is exciting, especially if it's a new model with better features, but if you have no money to buy a new one or your budget is limited at the time that your computer breaks down, it could be a terrible headache. So, consider the following:

  • If your computer is 5 years or older, then it makes sense to buy a new unit.
  • Consumer type equipment is so cheap that repairs often exceed the cost of purchase.
  • System requirements must be taken into consideration when deciding to upgrade or purchase new software applications. A new system may need to be purchased to meet minimum requirements.
  • If the computer crashed and doesn't power up, or buttons are difficult to operate, a new computer may be needed.
  • Repairs only make sense if you find a qualified computer professional who provides warranty for services.

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge on having a computer repair, you don’t have to worry in bringing your PC to the computer shop. Just remember that the key to having a practical solution to your problem is getting the right computer professional to do the job at the right cost.