Five Awesome Window 8 Features!

Microsoft’s Windows 7 has enjoyed brisk sales as the most popular operating system in history. In 2010, it recorded sales of about 7 copies per second. Yet Microsoft is so dynamic that it’s banking again on the success of a new operating system called Windows 8. By now you may be curious about how it differs from its predecessor, Windows 7. Expect design changes and features to enhance performance.

5 Awesome Features in Windows 8

  • Amazing performance – Microsoft is boasting of good performance from Windows 8. According to Microsoft, a newly-installed Windows 8 operating system uses only 330 MB of system memory, even with Windows Defender anti-malware software installed.
  • Faster startup time – Requiring only 8 seconds to boot, this new version of Windows has been significantly improved.
  • Configure as always on and connected - Windows 8 can be placed in sleep mode with boot-up and shutdown operations similar to an iPad. When pushing the power button, the machine will set Windows RT tablets to a standby mode that only consumes a small amount of power, and can last for several days. It will poll the machine’s network frequently to check for notifications received like emails, social media updates and other important messages. Likewise, it will inform you of any important activity that is happening.
  • Tighter security - Microsoft is taking a leap into automated IT support by providing tighter security with included Microsoft Security Essentials. Early launching of the anti-malware driver prevents malware from destroying boot files. If Windows 8 suddenly detects a problem with boot files, it will stop booting automatically, launch an automatic repair process, eliminate the malware, and put the boot files back in good shape.
  • Active task managerMicrosoft has not been keen on activating the Task Manager in the past, which left it without much information. Windows 8  includes two views for the newly designed Task Manager. In the simple view, you’ll see all the applications running with user-friendly names, and an "End Task" button. This will allow even beginners to force closing a running program. 

Since touch screens are now becoming the trend, Windows has made it easier and more intuitive to browse pictures, watch videos, and surf the Internet. Users new to Windows 8 won’t have problems learning this new operating system since shortcuts and commands are provided for efficient operation. The new interface is almost identical to the appearance and feel of a Windows Phone.

Technology marches at a fast pace these days. As a result, people keep on trying to catch up with the trend. You have to keep abreast and updated with your knowledge and skills in computer operation so that you’ll not be left out. If you can’t do it alone, you can ask the help of an IT support technician who would be willing to guide you along the way to improving your skills in operating systems.