Welcome to the Tablet Takeover of 2012

Sankaran Ganapathi

If a tablet has not already taken over your life, start to make plans now. Forrester Research predicts that tablets will be the primary computing device for most users within four years, and several trends in 2012 support that argument.

Tablets will be more affordable. The iPad might always be a significant investment, but we expect most product lines to offer models below $250. In fact, Google plans to raise the bar--or lower it in this case--by offering a tablet closer to the $150 mark.

Tablets will be more powerful. They already have the hardware necessary for common computing, and it will only get better as quad-core processors become the new standard.

Tablets will do more. The latest iPad has some features that should excite any (potential) tablet user. It displays 2048 x 1536 resolution, types with voice dictation, takes 5-megapixel photos, shoots 1080 HD videos, and does it all for 10 hours at a time. Impressive.

Tablets will have more accessories. Studies show that the average tablet user relies on more accessories than laptop counterparts. Companies like Logitech are betting on that number to increase as they expand their tablet peripheral lines. Have you seen their new wireless solar keyboard case? That’s just the beginning.

Tablets will be at work. In our recent Bring Your Own Device post, we discussed the corporate inclusion of personal hardware. Early adopters are already rewriting their IT guidelines and you can expect more companies to follow. The lines between work and play are blurring as more professionals bring their tablets to the office.

All of these improvements will make the next two years an exciting time for tablets. With that in mind, here are several that we are particularly excited to see:

  • Apple iPad Mini
  • Google Nexus Tablet
  • HP webOS Tablet

If you have any questions about which to buy and which to wait for, give us a call.