Encouraging Creativity in the Workplace

Do your employees express their ideas to you? Do they ever have options about their own jobs, or ways they think the business could be more efficient?

If this does not sound familiar, your company may be unintentionally stifling employee creativity. A lack of creativity among your employees, in today’s business environment, can spell the doom for your company and may keep you one step behind the competition.

Creative employees generally come up with critical ideas for better promoting your products, boosting the functionality of the company website, improving production efficiencies, and shaving dollars off your monthly expenses. Yet, employees won't exercise their creativity if you do not first inspire them to do so.

One of the best ways to inspire fresh thinking is to simply listen to your employees when they present new ideas. Most employees are anxious when approaching their superiors with new concepts, particularly when it’s a concept that falls “outside of the box.” So make sure you give them an open forum to present their ideas and give them the respect to pay attention to them. One more way is to ask your employees, if you are struggling to think of a way to improve the company’s blog, or products, send out an email asking for ideas. Not all of your employee’s ideas will wow you, but, so as not to single anyone out, listen to them all.

If you assume that your employees do not have good ideas, then you may be missing out. In addition, not listening to them, or ignoring ideas will encourage your employees to do the bare minimum. You will end up with a group of people working for the weekend.

One more great way to promote creativity is to reward strong ideas. This could be monetary or simply pointing out their innovation to the rest of the company.

Most employees want to be innovative. Most have ideas on how to enhance their places of work. Nevertheless, in too many work environments, creativity simply isn't encouraged. Break this trend, and encourage your employees to really think about their company. The rewards you receive could be tremendous.