An Analysis of Smartphone Charge Pads

You use your smartphone to order movie tickets, download your favorite songs, and make online reservations at the new French restaurant. However, if your smartphone battery dies, you can't do any of this. And let's face it, charging your smartphone the old-fashioned way is a drag. You have to plug your charger into an outlet and leave it connected long enough to give it sufficient power.

But now there is an easier way to charge your device: a smartphone charging pad.

Charge your phone wirelessly

These flat pads allow users to charge their devices wirelessly. Giving us relief from tangled cords. Another benefit is that several devices can be charged at the same time; and not just smartphone but tablets and iPods too!

Have you ever wondered how these work? They use electro-magnetic induction charging to generate a magnetic field that provides power to the batteries of your smartphones, tablets, as well as other electronic devices.

Charge pads a technology in progress

Smartphone charge pads, though, haven't exactly seized the imaginations of consumers. There are some reasons for this: To start with, today's charge pads aren't inexpensive. In some instances, they cost nearly as much as the gadgets that consumers wish to charge.

Additionally, charge pads are big and bulky. They take up a lot of desk or shelf space. This limits their use; considering that, many consumers depend on charge pads to get rid of the mess that comes with multiple cords. If charge pads are too large, eliminating these cords doesn't decrease clutter.

An improving wireless world

Wireless technology is always improving; so we will likely see charge pad technology improve. Hopefully they'll become smaller and cheaper which may make these items a must-have for modern homes.