Three Great Tips for Using Microsoft Outlook Effectively

If you use Microsoft Outlook on a frequent basis, odds are that you probably take it for granted. Outlook has been around for many years, helping us manage our email and our schedules. It may seem simple, but it is in fact a very dynamic and robust program. In order to make the most of your experience with Outlook, let’s take a look at a few of its unknown functions.  Below we’ve outlined only 3 of the often-overlooked functions that help you work more efficiently.

Eliminate the Clutter

Outlook's “Conversation View,” which lists messages and responses under one heading, can reduce the time it takes you to find a key email, but often these conversations can become jumbled with repetitive quoted material. You can solve this problem quickly by right-clicking the conversation, and then clicking on the "Clean Up Conversation" option. This will remove all the recurring quoted parts of the messages in a conversation.

Say it in a Picture

Using screenshots in your emails is always a good way to efficiently help convey your message, especially for IT support problems. Inserting a screenshot into your email is very easy with Outlook.  All you have to do is click the “Insert” tab and then choose the “Screenshot” option. From here, Outlook will create images of all the windows open on your desktop.  Choose the appropriate one and it will be inserted into your email.

Take Out the Trash

Occasionally it is hard to let go of those old emails.  We tend to keep them in the trash folder for months or even years.  The truth is that those messages take up a lot of precious space. Thankfully, setting up automatic trash emptying is easy with Outlook.  Outlook will automatically empty your trash upon exiting the program if you click the  “File” tab and then choose “Options.” From here, choose “Advanced” and look for the Outlook “Start” and “Exit” options. Check the box next to “Empty Deleted Items” when exiting Outlook. Now your trash will be empty every time you exit the program clearing up lots of valuable space!