The Importance of Company Culture - Part 2

Earlier this week we explained the reasons why your company’s culture influences your brand. A healthy company culture will have a very positive impact on your daily operations and the way the public views your company. Measuring the cultural health of your company is one thing, but where do you go from there. Below we’ll look at some ideas to improve or give your company a cultural facelift.

If you have established that the culture of your company could use some adjusting or refreshing, there are several questions you will want to consider first:

  • How do you want your company to feel? Fun, creative, open, accepting, respectful, etc?
  • How can you mirror you company values in the culture?
  • How is information shared with employees? Are they left in the dark often?
  • Do you reward employees and how? 
  • Does everybody in the company feel heard? If not, how might you improve this?

These may lead to more questions. To get answers try brainstorming with your co-workers. Listed below are some ideas to get the ball rolling:

Suggestion/Thought box – This is an good way to permit people to share opinions regarding the current events within the company. The employee could decide to make the suggestion anonymous or not, and any suggestions or concerns could be addressed in monthly company meetings.

Empower employees – Treat employees like peers; let them have ownership over their jobs. Don’t micromanage! Transparency can encourage empowerment as well. Don’t just tell your employees when there are successes, let them know when things aren’t going so well too. Their support may help you triumph over the hard times.

Flexible hours – Giving people some flexibility to get their work done exhibits confidence. Trusting them to manage themselves will lead them to respect you more.

Dress code – Have a more casual dress code. It’s amazing what permitting people to express themselves can do for a company’s culture. Consider themed days: silly hat day, Hawaiian shirt day, or anything that gets people thinking creatively and brings happiness to the day.

Celebrate – Your business is the sum of everyone in it. Celebrate your team with group activities.  For instance, cater lunch for everyone, have a movie or game day, or just throw a party. This can produce more cohesion within your team and encourage cooperation.

Here are some things companies have done to give their culture a playful edge:

  • Spontaneous Nerf gun wars
  • Painting inspirational quotes on the walls
  • Hitting a loud gong when there is a success to let the whole company know
  • Foosball tournaments
  • Lunchtime Yoga
  • Lunchtime Crafting Club
  • Monday Mad Libs, whoever wishes to contribute, does, and then the completed Mad Lib is emailed to the company