False Positive

Kris Hewes - Hardware Technician

This week I had to deal with a laptop that was shutting down with a thermal issue, or so it said.

I booted up some temperature software and let it run.  Well, after an hour, I saw that it was stable, so I ran it through some tests. I ran Video, CPU, hard drive, memory, the full works.

It passed them all with flying colors, which struck me as odd. I left it running for a couple of hours running tests at random times just to see what would happen. Well the screen corrupted and the computer shut down.  On reboot it told me that it shut down from a thermal issue again, and again the thermal software gave no hint of trouble.

After a bit of looking around the net, I found that this was not an isolated issue.  This model of laptop, in this configuration was a problem for lots of people.  After contacting the manufacturer and getting nowhere, I informed the customer of what I had found and told them to call the manufacturer and either get a replacement or return it.

At the end of the day, it was one of those issues that no one wanted to admit was a problem, and left the customer in a bind.

So here is my suggestion, please try not to impulse buy.  It may seem like a deal at the time, but do a little research on the model you are looking at to see if it has an issue that is causing others grief.

Have a great weekend!