Simple Fix for a HP LaserJet 3300

Kris Hewes - Hardware Technician

This week I want to write a quick blog about a nice quick fix I came across when repairing a printer. The printer was a HP LaserJet 3300 that was having trouble printing.

When it was powered on, the scanner head under the glass was not seating correctly and was causing the printer to not print.  The head would keep trying to move all the way to the end of the tracks but never sit there.  It would move out the last inch and then back in, over and over.

As this is an older machine, it was looking like this would be a costly repair of having to replace the whole scanner assembly.  However, I found a simple fix that needed no new parts and a cotton bud to fix.

When you face the printer and look at the scanner bed, there is a small removable strip of glass on the left that is held in by one screw. Remove it and the strip of glass, laying them carefully to one side.  Next, take a pair of needle nose pliers and carefully advance the scanner head to the left by gently using the pliers on the carriage belt.

Once you have the scanner head under the area where the glass was, you can grab it and pull it the last inch.  Looking down from above you can see the mirrors inside the scanner head.  From there, you take a dry, clean cotton bud and clean the mirrors.

With that done, replace the glass and turn it back on.  Presto!  It works again!

Have a great weekend!!