KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) Theory Applied to Technology

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

When having what seems to be a complex computer or printer problem, sometimes the best method to tackle the issue may be to take a step back and try the simple stuff first. A cable might simply be disconnected, the paper tray may be empty, or perhaps your internet just needs a reboot. Complex issues often begin from simple issues not being discovered and this leads to the malfunctioning of equipment. Remember, your devices are pretty smart for the most part and may fix themselves if it something small like an internet connection is lost (or if your printer needs something like a different type of paper or a cleaning).

As technicians, we look for this type of stuff to start with so we have a solid basis to diagnose a problem efficiently. This method is also used to rule out the smaller things, saving the customer time and money.  If you are having any computer or printer problems, I'd suggest giving the device a once-over, starting from the wall it’s plugged into, to the modem or router it’s connecting to for internet or network access.