Free Online Space

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

Today’s personal web space for documents is getting a lot of attention.  For the most part, you can find the services for FREE!  There are a lot of services out there that offer a set amount of free data with low-cost, optional upgrade packages for more space.  Below are some examples of free services and space allowed with free accounts:

Google Documents - free with your free Google account; 1GB of free space

Dropbox - allows 2GB of free space for almost any file you can upload and it’s very easy to setup

Apples iCloud – offers 5GB of space and has a sync feature that most people will find unbelievable. iCloud can be setup for Mac and PC users with Apple devices and will sync all your files, folders, apps, pictures, and iTunes. - started a cloud service that also permits 5GB of free space that allows you to start using it right away if you have an Amazon account.

There are services that will give you up to 100GB for free, but it will come at a cost.  They will require you to give up 150GB of free space on your local drive.  Most are secure and it’s almost like a Share cloud; the way it works is you will house data that they add to your machine from somewhere in the world.  This is called RAID 96 and is becoming popular with those who prefer an offsite backup of their machine without having to pay the monthly cost of doing so.

Cloud is a computing, mobile technology that will only grow over time. I think with the next push of wireless devices, it’s evident that a copy of your documents online will become more and more useful to complete everyday tasks in a fast and sufficient way.  Having to rely on documents that are attached to one device seems so… well, attached. :)