Printer Cables and Connections

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

This week I worked on a printer that was not printing black.  This is a simple fix - just swap out the defective print head for a new one.

After this was completed, I put the machine back together only to get a lovely hitching noise from the scanner bed.  Now seeing as I had not touched the scanner bed, I was slightly confused by this. After taking the machine apart a couple of times and ending up with the same results, I really started to wonder what was up.

Upon putting it back together again and checking the connections, I noticed that the CIS flat cable that connects the scanner to the board had some worn connectors.

If you are familiar with these cables you will know that at the end of them are small metal ends that are printed onto the cable that wear off.

Now here is the trick to fixing them: with a pair of scissors, very carefully cut across the cable taking just enough off to remove the worn ends, and voila! Plug the cable back in and it’s as good as new!

Have a great weekend!