Locating Drivers

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

I do not usually endorse products, but when I come across one that is good and works well, I feel I should share the wealth.

The product is called Driver Genius, and that’s what it is! It is a driver locator software that I seem to use more and more. I get a lot of reinstalls for computers and laptops. Some of them come with good driver support and some do not.  Even the good ones get old. Windows 7 is good at finding a lot of drivers, but for the specific system board drivers or the hard-to-find drivers, it does not always find what you need.

Once you install Driver Genius and update the database, you just set it to scan and it will find everything you need. I have used it on a bunch of machines at this point and it has not let me down, so check it out!