Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

I am lucky enough to have received a Google+ invite, and, I must admit, I love it! 

I have had a Facebook account for years, and also dabble in Twitter, but honestly I find this to be a much better way to stay in touch with friends and keep them separated into groups.  For me, Facebook has gotten bloated and cumbersome.  On top of that, I used to play games on there. That lead me to having 700+ friends, 99% of which I don't know.  So, I stopped using it.

Along came Google+ and a fesh start.  Now, I have a few circles set up, with different posts to each, depending on the subject matter.  School friends, family, work friends, and gaming guilds, and none of them have to read anything that is not aimed at them!

If you get the chance to check it out I highly recommend it!

Have a great weekend.