Laser Printer Form Jams

Joe Churma - Hardware Technician

Laser printer manufacturers recommend procedures to determine which tray to use on your printer for printing with certain types of forms.  All cassette trays can use standard 16lb to 28lb forms.  When it comes to special types of forms, such as card stock, transparencies, and label sheets, you should use your manual feed or multi-purpose tray.  This tray feeds forms straight through the laser printer without any U-turns of these forms.

Many paper manufacturers will state that their special forms can be used in cassette trays and, quite often, I end up onsite clearing a form jam out of the laser printer. The problem is that these special types of forms have a hard time moving through a laser printer when they are U-turned. When label sheets U-turn, a label is most likely to peel off the sheet, causing a jam. Always use laser printer manufacturers’ paper specifications over paper manufacturers’ specifications.