Transporting printers

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

This week I want to talk about lifting printers.  We get a lot of printers through the door, and I want to make sure that if you decide to move one, you do not hurt yourself.  Here are my tips:

1. Plan ahead.

Clear a path.  This will give you a clear run and less chance of injury.

2. Keep it close.

You will be a more stable lifter if the object is held close to your body, lifting things at arms length is a surefire way to get hurt.

3. Place feet at shoulder-width apart.

Keeping your feet at shoulder-width will give you a better lifting base and make you more stable.

4. Lift with your knees and keep your back straight.

Your legs are stronger than your back, so keep your back straight and bend and lift with your legs.  Practice it if you need to.

5. Crunch those abs!.

Tightening your abdominal muscles will hold your back in a good lifting position and will help prevent excessive force on the spine.

6. Too much? Get help!

If an object is too heavy, make sure you have someone around who can help you lift.

7. Wear a belt or back support.

If you lift a lot grab a back support belt; they help maintain good posture for lifting.

Have a great, safe weekend.