Printing Monochrome on Color Laser Printers

Joe Churma - Hardware Technician

I have run into many customers who mostly print black and white on color laser printers. This is a very expensive way to use a color laser printer.  This is because there are consumable units that are unique to color laser printers, such as image belts, transfer belts and color cartridges that wear out quickly when printing in monochrome. There are some modern color laser printers that disengage their color cartridges when not in use, but most do not. All above color laser printer consumables still wear out from rotating when printing monochrome. 

It would be more cost effective to print your monochrome forms on a monochrome laser printer and not have to pay the expense of the color laser printer’s consumables. If your printing needs are mostly monochrome then a heavy duty monochrome laser printer and a medium duty color laser printer would cover your needs better than a heavy duty color laser printer.