Windows Tips and Shortcuts

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

This week, I have more Windows more tips and shortcuts.

1. Adding Internet Prefixes and Suffixes

You can quickly add the www. and the .com to anything typed in the address bar by pressing Ctrl-Enter! I use this all the time and cuts down on the typing.

2.  The Windows key.

Here are a list of things that the windows key can do!

Win                       Press windows key to open start menu

Win+R                  Apply to open Run dialog box                            

Win+M                  Apply to minimize all opened windows                                

Win+Shift+M         Apply to maximize all opened windows                                 

Win+L                   Press keys to lock keyboard in windows XP                                 

Win+E                   Press keys to open My Computer                                

Win+F                   Apply to open search options                                 

Win+U                  Apply keys to open Utility Manager                                   

Win+D                  To view desktop/minimize all windows                                   

Win+F1                 To view the detail windows help page                                          

Win+Pause            To view the System Properties dialog box                               

Win+Tab               Move through taskbar programs                             

Win+F+Ctrl           Apply to open search for computers

And last but not least:

3.  Browsing Your Computer via the Address Toolbar?

You can open any web page without opening the browser.  Windows will open your browser and open your web page.  You can do this if you put an Address Bar on your Taskbar:

Right click on your system taskbar > go to Toolbars and then click the Address option.  Here you will see a mark on Address option.  After this Address Bar will appear on your system taskbar, you can open any web page by typing the URL name here and press Enter.

You can also browse files and folders on your computer by using the Address Bar. Simply type drive letter like C:\ , D:\ in Address Bar and press Enter.

Have a great weekend.