Power Outages and Surge Damage

Kristen Hewes - Hardware technician

We had a big storm this week causing power outages all over Massachusetts.  Some people still do not have power.  With power outages like this, we normally see blown power supplies and system boards.  Well for me, this week was a bit different.

I had a customer come in with his desktop hanging on boot. It made it all the way to the desktop, but once there, you could not do anything except move the mouse pointer.

None of the icons could be clicked; nothing worked at all!!!

Well after a lot of reboots and trial and error, we found that one of the programs he had starting on boot was corrupt and causing havoc.  Once we nailed it down, it started booting fine again.   

I also had a customer bring in two desktops that she told us were dead since the power went out.  I took them in and booted them up fine first time. With a quick call I discovered that they had blown the wall socket the machines were plugged into.  Luckily, they had good surge protectors and the machines were fine.

So, my suggestion for this week is to go grab some surge protectors for your electronics.  They could end up saving you a bundle!!

Have a great weekend.