Office 2010 Secrets

Dennis Foote- Systems Engineer

Now that I have had some time with Microsoft Office 2010, I wondered what sets this edition apart from 2003 or 2007. Here are a few things I found while using a copy of Microsoft office 2010 Pro Plus:

  1. The ability to embed a powerpoint presentation into a blog with just a few clicks
  2. View as a conversation that places all your strings into book-like format
  3. Share powerpoint presentations with others remotely so parties can view the presentation at the same time with you.  All they need is an email invite link.
  4. Connect your social media within Outlook so you can stay connected to your business contacts via LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.
  5. Use OneNote to take notes, insert audio clips, videos, conversations and emails into your own digital notebook. You can also share your notebook with others, and view your notes on your desktop, on the web, or from your phone

I would recommend trying out some of these options. If none of these apply to you, I would still have a look at the Microsoft Office website. You can find a lot of useful tools that can help with everyday tasks.