That's My Boy!

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

This week's blog is about how much kids seem to understand technology instinctively. My kids are five and six.  They play some games on the Xbox 360 using Kinect.  They love it as they get to jump around and don't really need to learn any buttons.

I wanted to see how they would do with something a bit more complex, so when the DVD drive died in my tower, I decided to enlist some help to replace it.

I told one of the boys I wanted some help with something and that it involved a screwdriver.  He was all for it. I unplugged the power from the system, just to be safe, but then let him unhook all of the other cables.  He got the side off of the case (with a little help) and then I got him to take the rails off of the old drive, and put them on the new one by himself.

I showed him how to push the drive back in and how to hook it up, but he did the work. At that point the system was back together and it was time for the cables. I thought this might be a bit much for him, but he wanted to try, so I let him.

He plugged in the monitor cables, the 5.1 speaker cables, the usb cables, all of it!!

The proof came when I got him to turn it on, It booted up perfectly! Now this may seem easy to us techies, but for a 5 year old, I was totally blown away at how quickly he picked it all up.

Kids seem to know more every generation.  Now, I wonder if he could mod my Xbox =)

Have a great weekend.