5nine Manager for Hyper-V

Dennis Foote-Systems Engineer

A great tool I found for managing Hyper-v servers is called Hyper-v manager from 5nine. They have both a free tool version and a paid version. I will tell you the differences, but first let me tell you about some of the reasons you may want to check this tool out:

  • Installs directly on the Hyper-V server.
  • GUI interface that allows you to manage your virtual machines.
  • Can be run remotely from another Windows installation.
  • Check resources of virtual machines.
  • Snapshot directory access.
  • Hardware administration.
  • Administer multiple Hyper-V servers.
  • File explorer under the view menu.
  • Events and services viewer for Hyper-V services and hardware.

Now the paid version does have some benefits when it comes to the networking and gaining access to the actual server. The binding of the NICs can be a very nice option to have as well as being able to double click and view your servers and workstations. The paid version comes at a cost of just about $100.00 per install.  If you have a cluster or a server farm this would be a great option at a relatively low cost. I give the folks at 5nine a lot of credit for releasing this tool for free. I think this tool runs better and is easier to use then the Hyper-V manager from Windows which makes it a steal at a cost of $0.00 for most of its features.