An Interactive YouTube

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

You may have noticed that YouTube has gone interactive.  This is an awesome new future and allows posters to customize viewers' options so they can target their direct needs. For example, I just watched a YouTube post where the poster gave me the option to set up a core installation of a Windows 2008 R2 server or a standard version of Windows 2008 R2 server.

I heard this would be coming out someday, but did not think it was going to so soon. If you think about all the possibilities this will have for all live media, it could make your head spin. I started to wonder, could this one day help with something as big as health care? Well, how great would it be to someday have a video chat with a doctor.  S/he could exam your cut without having to travel to his or her office.  S/he could give you options on treatment, prescription location, and maybe a video on how to properly take care of a minor infection.

I think time will only tell when it comes to the options of this technology, but, boy, is it ever so fascinating.