What is a PDF Printer?

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

What is a PDF printer?

PDF stands for Portable Document File.  This, by far, is the easiest way to transport, print, email, and post documents across all computer, cell phone and web-based applications. So, back to the question “What is a PDF printer?”  A PDF printer is a software tool that allows you to take most document types and print them to your PDF software to save, print, email or post to the web.

I use a program that is free and has never given me a hard time. The program is called PDF995. I suggest if you don’t have it, download it now! You will be very happy when you have to save a document, whether it’s a receipt, map, invoice, or other scanned item. After you install the PDF printer software, you will see the PDF printer located in your printer selection menu. You will need to select it to print the document to a PDF file.