HP Proliant Support Pack

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

When trying to update drivers on a HP Proliant server, you may want to consider using the support pack for your server and Windows edition. This will include the most up to date firmware and drivers for your devices. You can find the software on HP’s website under support and drivers. Just type your model and serial numbers in the search box. You will then be asked to identify your edition on Windows, after that you will see Service Pack under software on your list of drivers and firmware. Select Product Service Pack and continue to download. Once downloaded, you will have to unzip the folder then burn the iso to a disk.

1. Open the folder and look for HPSUM.exe, click on it.

2. Open the program and select scan

3. Once items are found for updating, select drivers and/or firmware updates.

4. Click install.

5. Most of the updates will require a reboot, so plan ahead.