Delete Freak

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

Are you a delete freak?  I know I am!  I have a couple of computers at home - a laptop and a tower rig. They are both gaming machines as I play a lot of video games, which often means a lot of stuff goes on and off my machines.

I use add-ons for MMO's and trainers for games when I have finished them.  I also use all kinds of odds and ends, not including the many programs I test for work-related stuff such, as different malware software, registry cleaners and driver updaters.

I found that I spend a lot of time deleting and installing things and being left with a slower system because of it.  As a gamer, that's not good!

So, if you are like me and like those machines blazingly fast, delete away! Here is what I suggest:

1. Back up all your critical data, files, movies, and whatever else you want to keep on an external drive.

2. Go all out and reinstall Windows. With Windows 7, this does not take that long anymore so it is not that big a pain.

3. Install all the updates!!  Make sure that you update Windows, install the drivers, and your antivirus. (I use Driver Genius for drivers.)

4. Two options!  One, you can make the image of the machine while it is in this "clean" state and then install the programs you want.


Two, install the things you are always using.  For me, they are iTunes, Steam (and games), Office, Vuze, and Chrome.  Then, image the machine.

** I'd go with the second one.  The setup takes longer before the image, but once it is done, the image is pretty much ready to use.

So, in closing, delete freaks of the world unite!  Let's keep those machines free of junk and get back to business as soon as we can!

Have a great weekend!