Install a SCSI Driver in a VMware Guest Machine

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

When creating a new guest virtual PC in VMware, say a windows XP machine, you will find by default that the virtual hard disk is a SCSI disk. To make XP work in most cases, you will have to splice in a SCSI driver for your guest VM machine.  To do this, please follow the steps below:

All Windows Versions

To copy the appropriate disk controller driver from a working virtual machine with a Windows guest operating system:

  1. Power on the source for the conversion. The source can be physical or virtual.
  2. Download the VMware SCSI Disk Controller driver diskette at
  3. If the source is virtual, attach the driver diskette to the virtual machine's virtual floppy drive.

    If the source is physical, use any of these methods to copy the files from the diskette image:
    • Extract the disk image into files and copy them to the source.
    • Attach the diskette to a virtual machine and copy the files from the virtual diskette drive to the physical source.
    • Write contents of the image onto a floppy diskette and insert the diskette into the physical source.
      Note:  Image extraction software is required to use this method.
  4. Access the floppy diskette or files on the source from My Computer.
  5. Right-click vmscsi.inf and click Install. The VMware SCSI drivers are installed.
  6. Restart the source to complete installation.
  7. Perform another conversion with VMware Converter.