Converting Physical PCs to Virtual Machines

Dennis Foote - Systems Engineer

Converting physical PCs into VM machines is starting to become part of normal life for technicians. There are a couple tools out there that I have come across to help you along if you are a novice user so you too can enjoy the utilization of all your hardware resources. 

First is Microsoft’s disk2VHD.  This software is very easy to use and creates VHDs that will work with Microsoft’s virtual machines. I have used this to create virtual machines for Microsoft’s Hyper-V and it worked very well.  

The next is from VMware which is called VMware Vcenter Converter.  This will give you an array of options.  Whether you want to create the VM machine across a network or turn a local machine that you are sitting in front of into a virtual machine, this software will do the trick. It’s very user friendly and has plenty of help guides on VMware’s website.