Profile Migration Made Easy!

Adam Jones - Systems Engineer

Once again on the subject of useful tools is ForensIT's User Profile Wizard. If anyone is familiar with the longhand method of migrating a user's profile, you will be very excited to get your hands on this gem!

Recently, we have been building a lot of domain environments from the ground up which requires us to migrate many user’s beloved local profile to their new domain profile. The User Profile Wizard has helped us slash the time it takes to do this and has improved the success rate at the same time. This tool completely automates the process of changing the various permissions on the local profile folders and registry keys, sets the default login name and even lets you join the computer to the domain all within one intuitive wizard. Using the migration tool preserves the user's custom settings, wallpaper, email configuration, internet favorites, shortcuts and desktop icons. It fully supports both Active Directory and Novell networks. When purchased, you will gain access to the deployment kit which supports scripting and customization and has the capability automatically migrate thousands of workstations at once! This is a solid tool that just works.