Create a Private Cloud in your Business for $100

Brian St. Marie - Sr. Systems Engineer

Virtualization is a hot topic these days.  While VMWare is considered to be the top software for virtualization, it also comes with a sky high price tag.  The other two major vendors in virtualization technology, Citrix and Microsoft, have very competitive offerings, often for a good savings.

In particular, Microsoft has recently begun to release their Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 product for free.  This is a major move on the part of Microsoft to try to encourage the industry to try their Hyper-V virtualization technology and compare it to their competition.  In our experience here at Terminal, it is definitely worth a try, whether you're currently using competing virtualization products or considering virtualization in your infrastructure.  Hyper-V is a very robust and well-performing product.  While it may not perform as well as VMWare in the large enterprise environment, it is more than capable of handling anything thrown at it in the small and medium business market.  That coupled with being entirely free make Microsoft's Hyper-V an almost unbeatable deal.

The one downside to Microsoft Hyper-V has been the ease of management.  Unlike Citrix or VMWare, if you install a Microsoft Hyper-V server, you are not able to actually manage that server from its own keyboard and monitor.  Instead, you need a second server or workstation to connect over the network to the Hyper-V server.  This is often tedious, impractical, or costly and has been a major reason people have not given Microsoft's Hyper-V much of a chance.

However, new software released by vtTechnology finally helps Hyper-V overcome this limitation.  The software, known as vtCommander, installs directly onto the free version of Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 and allows the server to be managed directly from the server console.  This eliminates all the headaches and hurdles associated with getting Hyper-V up and running and makes it, in our opinion, by far the best virtualization option for small and medium businesses.  The cost of vtCommander?  A mere $100.  Terminal has been so thrilled by vtTechnology's groundbreaking software, we've partnered with them to help bring their benefits to all our customers.

If you're interested in seeing how virtualization can improve your business agility and cost you virtually nothing, Contact Us today.