Proactive Printer Maintenance

Joe Churma - Hardware Technician

The best way to be proactive with your printers (and plotters) is to pay attention to when you need maintenance kits or parts.  You should periodically, say once a month, run a configuration and a supply status page on your printer.  When you reach 20% of life left on one of the parts, it would be best to order one to have when you need it.  This will enable the least amount of downtime and problems for your printer.

The maintenance kit parts or periodical parts are all considered to be consumable parts by printer manufacturers.  Their lifetimes are not carved in stone.  Most problems with such parts will usually occur when they have less than 20% of life left.  Having this consumable kit or parts on-site will result in far less downtime because when you log a call on your printer and the field service technician arrives, you will have the part on-site and the printer can be repaired at that time!  This is far better than having to place a call and being reactive and waiting for a consumable kit or part to come in and having a call that takes two visits on two different days.  Please keep track of the lifetimes of your printers' parts and Contact Us for preventative maintenance.