Clearing Jams From Laser Printers

Joe Churma - Hardware Technician

Laser printer paper jams will occur!  Even if the correct paper is loaded properly, you will occasionally still have paper jams in laser printers because it is their nature. Standard paper is thin and very pliable which makes it susceptible to jamming as it moves through a machine.

To cut down on paper jams, check the paper for any dents or folds on the edges.  I am a firm believer in fanning your paper before loading it. This will break up any interlocked paper fibers between forms. There are some laser printers that freshly fanned paper may cause a static problem in.  With such printers, fan the paper a day before you use it and let it sit where you normally store it for the day. This will dissipate any static build up on the paper.

When you do have a paper jam with your laser printer, follow the instructions on your printer's Operator Panel, if applicable, or use your Operator's (Owner's) Manual. Follow the instructions to remove the type of paper jam you have. Do not just grab the jammed paper and quickly attempt to pull it out or pull the paper out in at an angle. This could damage your printer!  Always pull the paper out in the angle that it was moving in. If you cannot clear the paper jam please Contact Us for a call and we will help.