Stay juiced! Manage Your Laptop Power

Kristen Hewes - Hardware Technician

I'm writing a quick blog entry on laptop batteries this week and a few tips on how to get the most out of them.  Some basic ways to get the most from a laptop battery include:

1. Dimming the screen a few notches

2. Closing programs/processes not being used

3. Turning off the WiFi card when it is not being used

Some other tips are to:

4. Keep the laptop cool.

A hot laptop can kill a battery - not just the battery's charge, but the battery itself.  Use a cooling pad on your lap and don't prop it up on soft surfaces like pillows.

5. Keep the contacts clean.

This helps efficiency and speed.

6. Use the power saving options that are built in!

There are power saving profiles in Windows itself.

7. If you plan to use your laptop plugged in at home or the office for a long period of time, drop the battery out completely.

Charge the battery to about 40% of its capacity and then remove it. If you often use the laptop plugged in for long periods of time, keep the battery fresh by using it until it is empty and then recharging it before returning it to storage.

Have a great weekend!