PDQ Deploy

Adam Jones - Systems Engineer

I was recently recommended a brilliant free utility from Admin Arsenal called PDQ Deploy. This is a free software deployment tool that will allow you to deploy just about any type of installer package or command line script from a source to a network client. It is capable of remotely executing EXE, MSI, REG, BAT, VBS, MSP and MSU including any command line switches that are supported by the installation package. I found this software to be a great alternative to using Group Policy startup scripts for immediately deploying single Microsoft hotfixes that might not be included in your WSUS database. It also works quite well for small scriptable installations like Adobe Reader and Flash Player. It has a simple user interface that keeps track of your deployment history so that you can quickly see which computers were successful and which may have failed.

While there are more robust options for software deployment such as System Center Essentials and a few other third party alternatives those may be too expensive or just plain overkill for a small network. I would definitely suggest putting Admin Arsenal's PDQ Deploy into your "admin arsenal".

Find PDQ Deploy here.